Safety and efficacy of the new micromesh-covered stent CGuard™ in patients undergoing carotid artery stenting: early experience from a single centre



  1. Casana, V Tolva, A Odero Jr, C Malloggi, A Paolucci, F Triulzi, V. Silani


A single centre study, with 82 consecutive patients treated with CGuard™ in order to determine safety and efficacy of the micromesh covered CGuard™ compared to conventional stents that have plaque protrusion and represent the principal cause of cerebral embolization. Peri-operative technical and clinical success was met in 100% in symptomatic patients, and in 98.5% cases in asymptomatic patients. In the post-operative period (30 days), no new events were registered. The most recent 21 treated patients (24%) underwent DW-MRI in the peri-operative period.


FU and Comments: CGuard™ was found to be safe and effective in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, independently of aortic arch anatomy. A subgroup was analysed with DWMRI and confirmed the neuro protection given with CGuard™ compared with historical series of conventional stents.