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CGuard™ Carotid Stent System

Sustained stroke prevention in CAS(1).
Bringing patient safety through permanent embolic protection with MicroNet™(2)

Stroke is the Second Biggest Cause of Death Globally(3).

The risk of embolism with conventional carotid stenting is significant as approximately 2/3 of neurovascular events (stroke, TIA) occur after the CAS procedure takes place(4).

CGuardTM Embolic Prevention System

CGuard™ brings to the world the only carotid stent platform with patented MicroNet™ mesh technology designed to reduce stroke during and after CAS

Safety with MicroNet


Simplicity with SmartFit™


Clinical Success

Our Technology
*Investigational device in the USA

Expert Testimonials

Hear from experienced leading physicians about the clinical and patient benefits of the CGuard EPS MicroNet™ in carotid stenting
Dr. Chris Metzger
Interventional Cardiologist

Ballad Health System CVA Heart & Vascular Institute Kingsport


Dr. Roberto Chiappa
Vascular Surgeon

Sandro Pertini Hospital

Rome | Italy

Fireside Chat Series with Leading Vascular Experts



CGuard™ is designed to improve clinical outcomes and save lives by trapping and sealing thrombus and plaque against the vessel wall to prevent embolization
Minimally Invasive Procedure
Short Procedure Time
Improved clinical outcomes
SmartFit™ for ease & patient safety

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