Gary Roubin

Gary Roubin, M.D., Ph.D joined the Board of Directors in October of 2020 

Dr. Gary Roubin is an internationally renowned interventional cardiologist recognized for his pioneering work in carotid stenting and embolic and protection devices.  He is also acknowledged for the development of coronary stenting and the first FDA-approved coronary stent.

During his tenure as Chief of Interventional Cardiology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and later as Department Chairman and Chief of Service of the Lenox Hill Hospital Cardiac and Vascular program in New York, he helped bring both programs to international standing in peripheral, neurovascular, and cardiac interventions.  Dr. Roubin’s vast clinical experience has enabled him to recognize technical innovations that improve patient outcomes.  He has been central to the success of several biotech startup businesses and is the named inventor on 10 issued U.S. and EU patents and 41 additional patent applications worldwide.

Dr. Roubin attended medical school at the University of Queensland where he completed his degree in 1975.  After completing his cardiology training, he enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate at Sydney University and was awarded this degree in 1983. He then joined Andreas Gruentzig at Emory University to continue his post-doctoral research.  In October of 1987, he developed and placed the world’s first balloon expandable coronary stent.  In 1989, he moved to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where he was Professor of Medicine and Radiology and Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories and Interventional Cardiology Section at the University of Alabama Hospital.  Dr. Roubin has co-authored more than 280 papers and 225 abstracts in peer reviewed journals.  He has also edited three textbooks on interventional cardiovascular medicine, coronary, and carotid artery stenting and contributed to 20 textbooks on interventional cardiology and vascular medicine.  His book “The First Balloon Expandable Coronary Stent: An Expedition that Changed Cardiovascular Medicine” was published in 2015.  He lectures extensively in the United States and abroad and has received numerous national and international awards for his notable contributions to cardiac and vascular care.  Dr. Roubin has been on record for the last decade advocating the use of optimally designed “fine mesh” stents to further reduce the risk of embolic complications from CAS.