Clinical Presentations

ESC 2021

One-Year Results from a Prospective Experience on CAS Using the Cguard Stent System: THE IRONGUARD -2 STUDY Pasqualino Sirignano, MD on behalf of the IRONGUARD2 study Group

LINC 2021

CGuard MicroNET – covered Stent in Primary and Secondary Stroke Prevention. Piotr Musiałek, MD

LINC 2021

“The safety and effectiveness of carotid revascularization with the Acculink stent and the CGuard stent. Independent randomized study”. Drs. Savr Bugurov, Andrey Karpenko, Pavel Ignatenko

LINC 2021

Carotid artery revascularization: A systematic review and meta-analysis comparing clinical outcomes of second vs. first generations stents. Adam Mazurek MD, PHD on behalf of CARMEN Collaborators

LINC 2021

12 months results from a prospective real-world multicenter clinical practice of CAS using the CGuard EPS: the IRONGUARD 2 study. Pasqualino Sirignano, MD


Results from a prospective real-world multicentre clinical practice of CAS using the CGuard embolic prevention system: the IRONGUARD 2 study – Pasqualino Sirignano, MD

ESC 2020

“ESC Essential Update 2020 Carotid Disease “- Piotr Musiałek, MD DPh FESC Jagiellonian University Department of Cardiac & Vascular Disease

PCR eCourse 2020

The SIBERIA trial for carotid artery stenosis: A randomized controlled trial of conventional versus MicroNet™-covered stent use in percutaneous neuroprotected carotid artery revascularization: Peri-procedural and 30-day diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging and clinical outcomes Andrey Karpenko, Pavel Ignatenko et al.

LINC 2020

“OPTIMAl endovascular sequestration of high-risk carotid plaque using the CGuard™ MicroNET–covered embolic prevention stent system in consecutive patients with sym--ptoms or signs of carotid stenosis-related brain injury: An intravascular ultrasound – controlled investigator-initiated multcentric multi-specialty study - CGuard™ OPTIMA” Prof. Piotr. Musialek

LINC 2020

Accumulating long‑term evidence for microNET‑covered stent safety, efficacy and durability in primary and secondary stroke prevention: 5-year data from the PARADIGM-Extend prospective academic trial Prof. Piotr Musialek, et al

LINC 2020

“Immediate and one-month results from a prospective real-world multicentre clinical practice of CAS using the CGuard embolic prevention system: the IRONGUARD 2 study”. Dr. Pasqualino Sirignano, Prof Francesco Speziale

VEITH Symposium 2019

Update On The CGuard™ MicroNet Covered Stent For CAS: Longer-Term Results: Advantages And Are There Late Downsides Like ISR Or Late Thrombosis? Prof. Piotr Musialek

VEITH Symposium 2019

Preliminary Results From A Prospective Real - World Multicenter Clinical Practice Of CAS Using The CGuard EPS: The IRONGUARD 2 Study

SIVEC 2019

New data in carotid disease: CGuard MicroNET-Covered Embolic Prevention Stent - State of the Art, Prof. Piotr Musiałek

TCT 2019

MicroNET-Covered Self-EXpandableSTentIn High-RiskVascular Lesions Beyond The CArotidBifurcation: The EXTRA-GUARD Multi-centerMulti-specialty Study. Prof. Piotr Musialek

CIRSE 2019

Initial Clinical Study of the New CGuard™ MicroNet ® covered Carotid Stent: “One Size Fits All” In vitro testing and initial Clinical Results Christian Wissgott MD

PARADIGM-Extend Prospective Academic Trial

Supported K/ZDS/007819 (Jagiellonian University Medical College) Accumulating long-term evidence for MicroNet-covered stent safety and stroke prevention efficacy Prof. Piotr Musiałek

ESC Congress 2019 Essential Update

Carotid Disease 2019 Prof. Piotr Musiałek

Initial Clinical Study of the New CGuard™ MicroNet® covered Carotid Stent:

“One Size Fits All” In-vitro testing and initial Clinical Results Christian Wissgott MD

The SIBERIA Trial – CGuard™ MicroNet® Covered Stent vs. AcculInk™

Basal, 30d DW-MRI and 1y Clinical Evaluation in 100 RandomIzed pAtients,” Per-Protocol Interim Results in a Randomized DW-MRI Controlled Study of Carotid Artery Revascularization using a MicroNet Mesh Stent Drs. Karpenko A, Ignatenko P

PARADIGM-EXTEND Prospective Academic Trial Of CGuard™ MicroNET-Covered Self-Expandable Stent System

Cumulative 3-Year Clinical And Duplex Ultrasound Evidence For Safety, Efficacy And Durability Of Stroke Prevention Prof. Piotr Musialek

“Results of a Multicenter Italian Registry of Real World CAS with the C-Guard Mesh Covered Stent: the IRONGUARD 2 Study”

Prof. Francesco Speziale, Dr. Wassim Mansour

VEITHsymposium 2018

Results of a multicenter italian registry of real world CAS with the C-Guard mesh covered stent: the IRONGUARD 2 Study Drs. Francesco Speziale, Laura Capoccia
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VEITHsymposium 2018

2 0 1 8 Update On Results With The CGuard™ MicroNet Covered Stent (InspireMD) For CAS: Does It Prevent Strokes: Does It Cause ISR Or Other Long-Term Problems: Can It Have Value In Other Vascular Beds? Piotr Musialek, MD DPhil
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VEITHsymposium 2018

Clinical results and mechanical properties of a novel double-layered carotid stent (CGUARD) Christian Wissgott MD
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Current Status of Carotid Interventions

Role of CAS in 2018

Carotid Angioplasty Evolution – 2018

Accumulating two-year clinical and duplex ultrasound evidence from the CGuard PARADIGM- Extend prospective academic trial: Durability of stroke prevention

TCT 2016

Twelve-month Safety and Efficacy of CGuard™ MicroNet–covered Embolic Prevention Stent Routine Use to Perform Carotid Revascularization: TCT 2016 Featured Research PARADIGM All-Comer Prospective Academic Study

CIRSE 2016

CGuard™ EPS System – My experience in treatment of carotid lesions: Mechanical behavior and clinical results PD Dr. Christian Wissgott

Webcast Recording

Webcast Recording: Late Breaking Presentation from EuroPCR '16 CGuard and PARADIGM 101 with Prof. Musialek

EuroPCR 2016

CGuard Late Breaking Trial Presentation at EuroPCR: Novel PARADIGM in carotid revascularization by Dr. Musialek

LINC 2016

Carotid artery revascularization using CGuard™ MicroNet-Covered Embolic Prevention Stent System: A Change in the Game

VEITHsymposium 2015

MicroNet Covered Embolic Prevention Carotid Stent System: From CARENET and PARADIGM Studies to Routine Clinical Practice

EuroPCR 2015

Endovascular management of highly calcified carotid lesions presented at EuroPCR 2015 by Dr. Adam Mazurek

EuroPCR 2015

The PARADIGM Study presented at EuroPCR 2015 by Dr. Piotr Musialek

EuroPCR 2015

CARENET update presented at EuroPCR 2015 by Dr. Joachim Schofer

LINC 2015

CARENET trial 6 month update presented at LINC 2015 by Dr. Piotr Musialek