SEC Filings – 2017

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12/26/2017DEF 14AProxy Statement (definitive)
12/22/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
12/18/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
12/15/2017PRER14AProxy Soliciting Materials (revised)
12/14/2017SC 13G Statement of Ownership (Sabby Management, LLC)
12/12/2017DSmall Company Offering and Sale of Securities Without Registration
12/12/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
12/08/20178-K/AAmended Current Report Filing
12/05/2017PRE 14AProxy Statement – Notice of Shareholders Meeting (preliminary)
12/05/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
12/04/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
12/04/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
11/29/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
11/07/201710QQuarterly Report
11/07/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
10/31/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
10/25/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
10/10/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
10/04/2017DEFA14AAdditional Proxy Soliciting Materials (definitive)
10/04/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
09/21/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
09/12/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
09/07/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
08/29/2017DEF 14AProxy Statement (definitive)
08/25/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
08/22/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
08/18/2017PRE 14AProxy Statement – Notice of Shareholders Meeting (preliminary)
08/08/20178KCurrent Report Filing
08/08/201710QQuarterly Report
08/07/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
08/04/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
08/02/20174Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership
06/29/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/15/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/13/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/08/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/07/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/05/2017S-8Securities Registration: Employee Benefit Plan
06/05/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
06/02/2017DEFA14AAdditional Proxy Soliciting Materials (definitive)
06/02/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/31/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/18/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/17/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/15/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/10/2017DEFA14AAdditional Proxy Soliciting Materials (definitive)
05/10/2017DEF 14AProxy Statement (definitive)
05/09/201710-QQuarterly Report
05/09/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
05/01/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
04/26/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
04/06/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
04/04/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
04/04/20178-A12BSecurities Registration (section 12(b))
03/30/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/29/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/22/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/22/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/15/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/10/2017424B4Prospectus filed pursuant to Rule 424(b)(4)
03/09/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
03/08/2017EFFECTEffectiveness Order
03/08/2017S1-ASecurities Registration Statement
03/07/2017S1-ASecurities Registration Statement
03/06/2017S1-ASecurities Registration Statement
02/23/2017S1-ASecurities Registration Statement
02/21/2017FWPFree Writing Prospectus – Filing under Securities Act Rules 163/433
02/21/20178-KCurrent Report Filing
02/17/2017S1-ASecurities Registration Statement
02/16/201710-KAnnual Report
02/14/2017SC 13G/AAmended Statement of Ownership
02/14/2017SC 13GStatement of Ownership
01/30/20174Statement of Changes in Beneficial Ownership
01/24/2017S-1Securities Registration Statement